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retirement village leases

Moving to a retirement home is not only an important lifestyle decision but also an important financial decision. Entry into a retirement village is more complex than purchasing a regular home. Retirement villages are regulated differently in each state and territory and leases comprise of a lengthy contract. Knowing your rights and obligations is crucial, to avoid unforeseen costs. At Lawrep, we can ensure that you understand the process and have a good overview of the extensive and often overwhelming amount of information provided to you. We are here to answer your questions and help you to transition smoothly from your family home to your forever home.

How it Works

Step One

Decide where you want to live, view available homes, speak to residents of the respective villages and to your family and friends. You can also obtain an information fact sheet from each village that you visit, which will outline services, facilities and fixtures provided.

Step Two

Engage LawRep for legal advice and to gain a better understanding of any lease agreement, retirement village contract and the loan agreement that you will be required to sign.

Step Three

Speak to your financial adviser to determine what you can afford and make an informed decision in respect of your budget and lifestyle.

Step Four

Pay your deposit, sign the documentation with LawRep and secure your particular property in the village.

Step Five

Enjoy your new home, you deserve it.

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